RayFed is a Software Development company specializing in ERP Solutions, Mobile and Web app design and development. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers by meeting their needs and specifications which is why most businesses count on us to get their projects done.

We build innovative digital products that put the user first across a multitude of different industries including Banks, Pharmacies and some common business areas

Technologies We Focus On

We are able to provide user friendly applications with latest technologies applied. We avoid complex and convoluted interfaces that are difficult to use.

Google Map Integration

Latest Google Map Services and Concepts

QR Code

Read and write methods

Web Development

Advanced Web Development with html5, css and jquery

Mobile Application Development

Using Native mobile application technologies


Integrated ERP Solutions

Database Management

Database Management Services

Why RayFed?

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Solid Support

We offer you solid support over the products, updates

Simple Installation

Providing simple installing according to the system requirements

Experienced Development Team

We have experts in various technologies (sybase, android, ios, html5, css, jquery)

Leaders in Enterprise supply chain solutions

Our practitioners advise supply chain leaders building and executing a winning supply chain strategy

Strong Client Base

Building a client list is vital if you want your business to grow

Focus on you

We focus on you

Technology and Education

We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies and we invest continuously in training and education, to be able to respond to any new technology challenges and demands from our clients.

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